Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Part III)

Part three of our look at 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Some bits about this movie:

Best Line: MCCOY: Why is any object we don’t understand always called a thing?

Other Favorite Quotes: SPOCK: It knows only that it needs, Commander. But, like so many of us… it does not know what.

Trivia: There’s some rumor that at the time this was the most expensive film ever made (it cost $46 million dollars). That’s not exactly true: Cleopatra, in 1963, cost $44 million pre-inflation adjustment. Superman: The Movie actually cost $54 million, but the producers didn’t disclose its budget until many years later. In any case, the $46 million also included costs for the Phase II project that never got off the ground.

SCAN0100 SCAN0101

Orson Welles narrated many of the film’s trailers.

The film was nominated for three technical Oscars: Best Art Direction, Best Music (Original Score), and best Visual Effects.

The script confirms that Will Decker is the son of Matthew Decker from “The Doomsday Machine,” but this wasn’t clarified onscreen. Like father, like son.

This film marks the first appearance of the Klingon forehead ridges, which were not explained until the Enterprise episodes “Aflliction” and “Divergence.”

Uhura’s comm earpieces are the only props from the original series, which were used because they forgot to make new ones.

The Klingon and Vulcan languages used in this film were invented by James Doohan.

To distinguish TMP from Star Wars, Roddenberry reportedly decided there would be no space battles, and intentionally pushed for a more sophisticated and complex plot.

The “buckle” on the Starfleet pajamas is actually a medical scanner linked to Sick Bay.

A previous version of the script killed Chekov during V’ger’s scan of the ship.

To be continued….