Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Part II)

We continue our look at the first Star Trek movie,1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Despite all the reviews, and how slow the movie is, and how some of the characters don’t feel like they did on the the classic series. STTMP does have a few things going for it.

The scale of the film is up-sized.  It feels like a film, not an expanded episode of the television series.  This is apparent in the use of special effects, but it is especially apparent in the film’s score.  Jerry Goldsmith was brought on to compose the soundtrack, and his work for this film is easily among the greatest soundtracks of any science fiction film.  The soaring soundtrack when Kirk and Scotty first see the Enterprise is pitch perfect.  Indeed, that track in particular went on to become the key theme for the entire Star Trek franchise.



Part III coming soon…